Water Restoration

Water Restoration Projects

JTM Construction offers water damage restoration for the Medford, Oregon area.  If you have flooding or water damage from plumbing, contact us right away to have the water damage professionally assessed, so you know the next steps to get your home restored. 

Damage Assessment

A damage assessment is the first step in water damage restoration.  We need to know the exact amount of damage and create a plan to make sure that everything is dry, and you won’t have mold growing in the future.  Your damage assessment may include replacing the flooring, carpet cleaning, drying out rooms, and repairing walls and cabinets.  You may also have water damage on the exterior of your home or on your property that needs fixing.  As soon as we can see the water damage, we will communicate the necessary steps to get your living spaces dry and livable again.  You may need emergency building services that include boarding up windows and tarping your roof, so the water damage doesn’t continue.  The process of restoring your home may also require you to get storage for the items in your home and have help packing out your household items.

Water Removal

Removing water from your home is the first step in fixing the damage to your home.  After the damage assessment, we will start removing the water from your floors and make sure they are dry, and the carpet pads are dry.  We will also take care of the water under your flooring and in your walls.  Removing water from your home usually requires some of your items to be removed from the home or into a dry room.  If your items are damaged, they should be dried out and repaired or thrown away if they can’t be restored or repaired.  Keeping wet things around your home can cause mold growth.

If you have a lot of standing water, we will pump it out of your home before we get started with the rest of the water removal process. 

The Drying Process

Your home must be dry before you can live in it safely.  Mold and bacteria can cause health problems, and water that doesn’t dry properly can cause structural damage to your home.  Drying the house is a process that depends on the damage to your home.  Your floors and walls are monitored to make sure that everything is drying properly.  Dehumidifiers and air movers will start to dry the flooring and other items in your home.  Dehumidifiers help dry the areas that have moisture around them and are hard to get reach.  Tools are also used to monitor the humidity in your home to make sure that everything is at the appropriate levels.

Cleaning and Repairs

Once your home is dry and safe from further water damage, the cleaning process starts.  Any debris or damaged and irreparable items are removed from the rooms that need repairs.  Odors from the water damage may also be addressed at this time.  Once the home is clean, JTM Construction can start repairing the structural damage to the house.  Repairs can include damage to whole rooms, flooring, walls, or just replacing carpet and carpet pads.  If there is extensive structural damage, the home won’t be safe to live in until the house is stable. 


Restoration services for water damage in Medford, OR, may include removal and replacement of damaged drywall.  Repairing carpets, tiles, or hardwood flooring is also a common type of restoration service.  Once the walls, structure, and flooring are restored, it is usually time for a new coat of paint.  We will match your paint and make sure your home looks as close to what it was before it was damaged.


A home that has water damage can be in critical condition or need drying services and a few minor repairs.  If you have water in your home, each minute counts toward the severity of the damage.  Call JTM construction right away for an assessment and to start drying everything out.  We are a full-service company and will be with you from beginning to end throughout the process. 





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