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Every homeowner wants to have a fine oriental area rug that depicts intricate designs and beauty. However, caring for your oriental rug will ensure your pleasure and enjoyment of future generations. Oriental rug professionals collectively agree that the most appropriate and recommended method of cleaning a rug is hand washing, with the exception of harsh chemicals. The procedure is simple and has been used for many years. However, it might look overwhelming for some owners, and hiring professionals would be a better option. This is because professionally washed oriental rugs assure you longevity and protection. Although vacuuming is vital for the health of your oriental rug, it does not replace the space of professional rug cleaning services. A true professional in oriental rug cleaning service does not take chances with your valuable rug. Such a delicate duty should be left to a well trained and experienced professional who knows various rug fibers, methods of production, and dyes. For you to choose an oriental rug cleaning company in Southern Oregon and Medford, you have to consider several factors to make sure your rug gets the most appropriate and best care.
  1. Good Reputation As an oriental rug owner, you must choose a company with a good reputation for cleaning services. Cleaning oriental rugs is a combination of science and art, and it takes time for one to become a professional in the field. There is a limited number of companies that are genuinely qualified and specialized in cleaning oriental rugs. As such, a company with good reviews and feedback from clients would be the best for the job.
  2. Registration Another facet to consider is whether the company is registered with the legal authorities such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is because area rugs have high monetary or sentimental value, and being assured, and insured is essential. Besides, you want to make sure that when your rug is with a given company, it is protected from damage or theft.
  3. Service Cost As a rug owner, you also need to consider the cost of your service. One question you may ask yourself is, “Are you getting value for your money?” Typical steps of rug cleaning involve services such as dusting, cleaning, inspection, grooming, and drying. Some companies also offer extra services such as fabric protector, moth repellent, repair and restoration, and rug pad installation.
  4. Equipment Used Finally, you should also put into consideration the type of equipment used to clean rugs in a company. Some companies invest heavily in professional equipment and have specialized units of dusting, drying, and washing equipment. As a rug owner, you should keep away from regular rug cleaning companies who just hose your rug down and use harsh chemicals.
If you are looking forward to hiring professional rug cleaning services, it is wise to seize the opportunity we are presenting to you. We offer ultimate oriental rug cleaning services, and our exemplary services will leave you in awe and want to come back.
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