Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Projects

JTM Construction in Medford, Oregon, offers kitchen remodeling services for residents of the Southern Oregon area.  We have experience with redesigned kitchen plans and smaller jobs, such as replacing the cabinets. 


Whether you want custom cabinets or just updated paint, we give your kitchen a new look.  There are several ways to have updated cabinets, whether they are a big part of your remodeled kitchen or you want them to stay in the background.  Consider updated hardware if you want a slight change that complements your new design without the added costs of changing your cabinets.  You can also have your cabinets refaced, keeping the structure of the old units, and still have the results of something new.

If you want your flooring or countertops highlighted with the color or wood tone of your new cabinets, we can help you with colors and design styles that go well together.


New countertops for your kitchen can result in a look that is entirely different from your old kitchen.  You may want a unique material for your counters, such as copper or concrete!  Granite slab is the most popular type of stone for a kitchen, while many people enjoy the look of butcher block as well.  Consider recycled glass or wood for a completely different style that complements a home that is styled for a more creative mood. 

Whether you want countertops that sell your kitchen or a kitchen with new countertops that you’ve dreamt of installing in your forever home, JTM Construction can help you realize the vision for your new counters. 


Flooring options are as broad as countertop options.  You can choose wood, stone, tile, or bamboo for your new floor installation.  We can help you choose the right options that flow well together and work well with your other rooms too!  Consider your color palette and how well it works with the color or wood tones of your flooring.  JTM Construction can also help you design the kitchen you want and prioritize the needs of your household when considering your new design.

Popular Types of Flooring for Your New Kitchen:

  • Tile is a great way to add some style to your new floor, and it is custom to what you want. It is easy to choose the colors and designs you want to see in your new kitchen. 
  • Engineered hardwood flooring and engineered vinyl plank are both used to simulate traditional hardwoods without the costs or care that traditional woods require.
  • Hardwood flooring looks more natural than engineered hardwood flooring or vinyl plank. Natural wood floors need regular maintenance but are a high selling point for any home.  With proper sealing and care, they give kitchen floors that are top of the line.  Consider hardwoods for a luxurious, traditional, rustic, or country kitchen look.
  • Slate or other types of stone elevate the look of a kitchen and help it stand out among other kitchens. With each piece of stone being unique, you won’t have to worry about your tiled stone flooring having a standard look or feel.  Stone is also a great option because most of it is non-slip.

Complete Kitchen Remodel

When you have your whole kitchen moved or torn out and remodeled, it can be hard to live in your home without a kitchen.  We work hard to make sure that your remodel project goes as scheduled, and you have your new kitchen as soon as possible.  If you need to remove walls or add walls, we can do that too!  Many times, clients want the kitchen in an older home to flow better with the rest of the rooms in a home.  Contact us for ideas that go well with your specific structure, so you know your options and have the structural information needed for your new layout.  If it isn’t possible to remove walls to enlarge your kitchen, consider moving it to a different location in your house to accommodate the new design you’d like. 

Once your new kitchen is built, consider installing new appliances to have a fully updated space.  Installing more modern appliances with a remodeled kitchen can also add to your home’s value if you ever intend to sell the house.


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