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General Contractor Projects

JTM Construction serves as a general contractor for construction projects and builds in the Medford, Oregon area.  If you need a general contractor for your residence, remodel, or business build, call us for all phases of your construction project.

Preconstruction Services

Whether you need help with design, an engineering assessment, or someone to look over a construction budget, we can help you with preconstruction.  We can also give you an idea of how long the job will take and how many people you will need to hire to get the job done. 

Project Management

As a project manager for your construction project, JTM construction makes sure that the budget stays balanced and watches the schedule.  We also consult with everyone to make sure the right methods are used on the construction site so that we don’t sacrifice time or quality.  We work with everyone from the specialists to the construction workers to make sure that everything flows right onsite and off-site.  We provide direct communication before, during, and after your project to alert you of budget, schedule, and other concerns. 


JTM Construction provides the knowledge and skills needed to initiate a construction job and provide quality services during the project.  We monitor all the progress during the job and make sure the results are top quality and performed adequately.


Whether you want to renovate or build new, we are ready to tackle any size project.  You may want a modern bathroom, a remodeled kitchen, or new flooring for your older home in Medford.  We can help with renovations to update a home or remodeling projects to improve and enhance your home.  No matter what kind of construction project you have ahead of you, JTM Construction can help you get through it well.


Adding on to your home can be a big project.  You could want to add a few bedrooms or a garage to increase the amount of space in your home.  We can come to your home and give you an estimate for the additions you want for your home.  We can also help you with specifics if you don’t already have a design in mind. 

Typical additions to smaller homes are garages, bedrooms, porches, decks, and sunrooms.  While additions are rarely done, many people still want to add on bedrooms if they have a home that only has one or two bedrooms.  If your home is under three bedrooms, and you want to put it on the market, it may be beneficial to have additions built.  The benefit of a three-bedroom versus a two-bedroom in comps is exceptionally high in some neighborhoods, which may cover the entire cost of the addition to the home.  To consider the benefits for your specific area, contact us for an assessment.

Basement Finishing

Many people purchase homes with unfinished basements and decide to finish them as their family grows, or for extra income.  Whether you want a basement apartment or additional bedrooms for a growing family, we can help you add to your home’s square footage.  We will also talk to you about the required egress windows and safety features you may need to install for the additional space. 

Some clients want to go a completely different way with a finished basement and use it for a home office, a gym, or a rec room with a billiards table and movie theater.  Consider the space you have and the walls you may need for your project.  We will also alert you to any additional plumbing and electrical services you’ll need for the basement space to be transformed!

Commercial Construction Projects

If you need a general contractor to oversee a large building project, JTM Construction is available to manage your major building project.  We can help you with building a multi-family home, a commercial facility, or your office building.   If you need a general contractor for improvements or repairs to your commercial building, JTM is available for estimates and damage assessments, as well.

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