Floor Installation

Floor Installation Projects

JTM Construction offers floor installation services for the Medford, Oregon, area.  We can assist you in all areas of installing your new floor, from choosing the right materials, removing the old flooring, and installing the new floor.  We can also help with design ideas and installation of different types of flooring for different rooms or spaces. 


Laminate flooring is one of the best types of flooring to use if you are going to rent out a home, or you want cheaper flooring in certain areas.  It is easier to clean than most floors, and it is durable.  Laminate is a great way to imitate wood flooring, without the expense.  It is a great alternative and resists stains and scratches better than wood.  Laminate comes in many different colors and styles, if you like the wood style, and want to save money, then laminate in the wood tone you like is a great way to have the style without the cost.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can look like hardwood flooring, like laminate, or it can come in peal and stick or sheets that look like tile.  There is also vinyl that comes in tiles, but it is much easier to install and provide care for long-term than traditional tile or stone.  Whether you want to lay down sheet vinyl in a kitchen or use groutable tile that is made from vinyl and looks like stone,  JTM construction can help you install your new vinyl flooring.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are the ideal type of floors for many people in the Medford, OR area.  If you have old hardwoods that need refinishing or you’d like new hardwood flooring installed, we can help install or refinish the floors you have.  Once the hardwood floors are installed, we will stain and coat them with a protective coating to help keep them in excellent condition.  We will also give you the steps to keeping your hardwood flooring looking new for years.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is the best alternative to hardwood flooring.  It is easier to install and usually easier to maintain than hardwood flooring.  There are benefits to engineered hardwood floors, such as they can be installed over a concrete subfloor.  Engineered wood flooring is still wood but is compiled of different layers of wood and wood fibers to make a workable and robust product.  The top layer tends to look just like hardwoods, and most can’t tell the difference. 

Tile Floors

Tile can be the hardest material to work with because it is laid one piece at a time.  Quality and custom tile work can increase the value of your home.  If you want tile floors in your entryway, kitchen, bathrooms, or your whole house, then you are investing in flooring that could raise the value of your home and elevate the entire look of the interior of your home.  Consider tilework if you want to have a unique custom look or if you have a modern home and want to elevate the style with a sleek look.

Carpet Installation

Carpet comes in many different varieties.  Whether you want carpet in your bedrooms or a whole home of plush carpeting, JTM construction provides you with quality installation services the first time.  Consider stain-resistant carpets if you have children or pets so that you’ll spend less time cleaning up messes.  You may want different types of carpet in the various rooms of your home or the same carpeting throughout your home.  We can help you choose the right colors and textures for each of your rooms. 

Replacing Damaged Floors

If you have the flooring you want, but you need to replace part of your floor because of damage or wear and tear, we can work with you to make sure that your room looks great again.  Whether we need to repair part of the floor or a whole room of flooring, we will provide quality work so that your home looks just as good as it was before, if not better!

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