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In Southern Oregon, homeowners and commercial enterprises alike appreciate JTM Restoration. We provide skilled carpeting installation and carpet re-stretching. These services help keep floor coverings attractive 24/7 throughout the year!

Accurate Carpet Installation Matters

In order to obtain full value from an investment in beautiful carpeting, property owners must obtain careful installation services. Most people cannot perform this labor intensive project on a DIY basis as effectively as full-time installers. Our firm offers experienced, capable assistance. We perform meticulous measurements whenever we undertake the installation of any floor coverings.

Our team makes certain all of the carpets we install fit correctly. Our exacting attention to detail contributes to our success in this field. Contact us in the Greater Medford Area to request installation services for carpeting in any room in your home or business. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of attractively installed and maintained floor coverings.

Request Carpet Re-stretching Services

Most carpets inevitably lose the appearance of tautness as time passes. A variety of causes contribute to this result. In some cases, the original installation proved faulty. More frequently, natural wear and tear contributes to the gradual loosening of carpeting over the course of time. Accidental water damage sometimes promotes carpet sagging, also.

Fortunately, a practical solution exists for this problem: carpet re-stretching. This service proves especially important as a safety precaution, since it helps minimize the risk of accidental falls due to uneven or loose surfaces. A tightly stretched carpet also showcases the beauty of a décor more effectively! Residents of Josephine and Jackson Counties rely on JTM Restoration to supply skilled re-stretching services for a variety of different types of carpeting. Ask us to re-stretch berber, polyester, shag, cotton, olefin, or nylon floor coverings, for example.

Advantages We Offer

Our company offers customers some important benefits. Just consider a few reasons to select us:
  • Extensive installation and re-stretching experience;
  • A trusted local business in the Medford Area;
  • Family owned and operated; We use commercial-grade equipment;
  • Fair, up-front pricing; Committed to rendering superb customer service!
For all these reasons, we believe we offer outstanding value. In Southern Oregon, customers seeking skilled carpeting installation or re-stretching services frequently select JTM Restoration as their preferred floor covering contractor.

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Would you like to schedule convenient carpet installation or re-stretching services in Jackson or Josephine Counties? Simply contact JTM Restoration at 541-890-0881, or use the convenient online contact form. We offer fast, skilled services at affordable rates!

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