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JTM Construction in Medford, Oregon, is dedicated to high customer service as we clean the carpets of residence and businesses in the area.  You may need your carpets cleaned because of damage or because you have them cleaned on a seasonal basis.  JTM is experienced in professionally cleaning the toughest grime out of carpets and making them look new again!

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • When you have professional cleaning services for your carpets, they will last longer. Regular cleaning protects your carpets from anything that may wear it down slowly.
  • Your carpet looks more beautiful when it is cleaned. If you have spots, stains, or discoloration on your carpet, cleaning it will make the whole space look better!
  • You may have a healthier environment. Clean carpets help indoor air quality.  You won’t have as many allergens and bacteria in your home if your carpets get cleaned regularly.  If you have bedbugs or dust mites in your carpets, professional cleaning will remove them.
  • Your carpet will look, smell, and feel better!
  • You will have less dirt in your carpets. If you have pets, having your carpet cleaned will help eliminate the hair and dander that are on the carpet.

Removing Tough Stains and Odors

JTM Construction is available to help you get odors and tough stains out of your carpeting.  You may have these stains or odors because of many different reasons but having the carpet in your rooms cleaned may help you save the money you’d otherwise spend replacing carpeting. 

Saving Your Carpet After Water Damage

Carpet cleaning and extraction of the water may help save your carpets after flooding or a plumbing disaster.  If you have water damage, contact us right away so that we can start extracting the water from your flooring right away.  The quicker we get started, the less damage you’ll have.  While we can’t guarantee that you won’t have to replace some or all your flooring after water damage, we will work hard to try and save it!

Carpet Care Tips:

  • To eliminate dirt, dander, hair, and other things in your carpet, vacuum carpeting slowly. The slower you vacuum, the cleaner your carpet.  When you vacuum, go over the same area in two different directions.  A crisscross pattern helps get more dirt out of the carpet.
  • If you have odors in your carpet, add baking soda to the vacuum bag so that the vacuum doesn’t have odors as well. Schedule regular carpet cleaning to keep odors away!
  • If you spill something on your carpet, blot the area to get as much of the spill off the carpet. Avoid rubbing a stain so that it won’t spread into a more significant stain.
  • When cleaning a stain with stain remover, work your way from the outside toward the inside of the stain.
  • Always make sure your carpet dries well so that you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew in your home.


If you have many animals in your home, you may have undesirable messes that are continual.  Keeping animals that have accidents away from the carpets is ideal, but if they aren’t able to be contained on a flooring that is easier to clean, then consider regular carpet cleaning to avoid health hazards that may come from your carpets.  Having your carpets cleaned regularly can also keep your home smelling fresher because there are fewer bacteria in your carpets causing it to have an odor.  An alternative is to replace the carpeting in your home with a different type of flooring that is easier to maintain.  Consider JTM construction if you’d like to discuss new flooring installation services.

Professional carpet cleaning is not only great for keeping your home cleaner and healthier, but it is also a great way to handle a mess that is easier to handle with the correct equipment.  JTM construction has the right equipment and professional technicians that care about the results from start to finish! 

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