Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Projects

JTM Construction works with residents in the Medford, Oregon area to remodel and improve bathrooms in their homes.  If you’d like to have your bathroom remodeled, we pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and the knowledge to help you create your dream bathroom. 


Changing or improving the flooring in your bathroom can sometimes make all the difference.  Whether you want to improve the flooring or change it from tile to bamboo, JTM Construction can get the job done right the first time.  When it comes to bathroom floors, it is essential to choose something that you know you will like for years to come.  It is also a good idea to choose something that adds value to your home if you plan to sell it in the future.  You may live in an older home with painted hardwoods and want them refurbished, or like a specific tile design that adds personality to your bathroom.  No matter what type of flooring you want, it should give you a calm and comfortable feeling when it comes to your bathroom. 


Removing old tiles from a bathroom or installing new tiles is a great way to update an older bathroom.  If you want your modern bathroom to include tile work, JTM Construction will help you choose the tile and the pattern for your floors, backsplash, and shower/bathtub area.  You can choose a solid color for tile work that is modern and classical, or you can create something unique to your bathroom.  Many clients like to have a border of a different style or color to accent the tile work.


The paint in your bathroom should reflect the style of the rest of your home, or at least be coordinated with the rooms that adjoin the space.  If you have closets off your bathroom, consider a darker or lighter color break up the areas and make them unique.  Lighter colors tend to give a bathroom the look of having more space, and it makes the room feel vibrant.  Charcoal and grey are excellent colors if you like less color and more romantic tones.  Darker colors also give a room a hint of sophistication typically found in modern bathrooms.


If you have a lot of linens and bathroom items to store, consider the amount of storage you need in your new floor plan.  Even if you have a small amount of space to work with, you can usually find unique ways to store your items and have enough space for all the other fixtures in your bathroom.  You may need to install a wall of hidden shelving or a linen closet beside the vanity.  If you want to take the storage out of your master bathroom to expand it, consider shelves in a separate closet explicitly made for your linens.  You may also maximize the space under your sinks so that you can have extra towels in the bathroom.  Towel racks installed on walls are also a great way to store towels and minimize the need for storage in a bathroom.

Shower and Bathtub Areas

JTM Construction will install your new freestanding bathtub or your shower and tub combo.  We will also tile and install your extra-large shower if you want to remove your bathtub because it isn’t used.  There are many types of showers that are rustic, classic, or modern, and will fit well in your home.  Consider how much you use your shower and how many people live in your home when you plan your new bathroom.  You may want to add a tankless water heater and step out onto heated floors to make your bathroom more luxurious.

Lighting and Mirrors

Lighting in a bathroom is essential, especially if you get ready for work or social events in front of your bathroom mirror.  Consider the space you need for items on your counters and the lighting that works well with your vanity area.  You should also have plenty of light in your shower and bathtub area so that you can see well.  When you choose your lighting, consider the amount of ventilation you need for your bathroom and if you want a light that also heats the space for those colder months. 

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